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Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Was Wrong, But At Least I Was Loud About It (Fabulous Moolah Related)

I have to admit that I did not see this coming at all, and my Tweets about it yesterday certainly attest to that. There were more, but I think this one gets to the heart of the matter the most.

It's still true that when I wrote that the Moolah issue was not widely known inside of the bubble even.

Where I was dead wrong was how much the coverage might change that. I NEVER thought that the social media outcry, Deadspin articles, etc. would make WWE change their tune on this, but it did.

I guess the lesson here (besides the fact I CAN admit when I'm wrong) is that you should keep up the good fight. You never know when you'll make enough noise to get a better outcome.

For the record, in a related conversation I did acknowledge that WWE naming the battle royal after Fabulous Moolah was "bad and dumb." I have no issue with the decision, it just shocked me that WWE listened and changed their mind.

Update: Here's Stephanie's Tweet about the situation.