Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Current Wrestling Figure Buy List

Had trouble thinking how to name this as Wishlist on this site typically means "figures I'd like to see made." I went with Buy List which is what I often refer to when figures are announced. "So and so is on my Buy List" is how I usually put it, and typically figures on my Buy List end up getting cut before I make the purchase.

All that said, I've got a few on my list right now I really want that are coming this year:
The odd entry on here is that Razor Ramon Elite because I don't really like that figure that much. What I do like is that shirt because it will look great on Elias. I'm buying Razor, grabbing the shirt for Elias, and my son gets the figure.

As for Elias I'm not sure I want to have that figure loose so I may put the shirt on him and put it back in the package depending on how it looks.

Ron Simmons is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, and his shocking WCW Title win over Vader is a legit top 10 wrestling moment for me so I have to get that figure. It's not pictured, but it coming with the accurate WCW Title is a bonus as the Jakks one came with Big Gold instead. I shared a pic from Wrestling Fig News that shows what Ron will look like the other day.

Lastly, I've shown some restraint as it relates to buying Roman Reigns figures. I want this one because the logo is red (which I don't have yet), and it's the first appearance of that Jumpman style logo of his. I don't love the head sculpt, but it is what it is.

Grabbed the links to the photos from and Wrestling Fig News (@WWETNAfigures) on Twitter. They both do great work.