Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Announced ACTION Wrestling Card So Far

If you've paid any attention to my Twitter account or this site, you already know this, but ACTION Wrestling is the promotion debuting in Tyrone, GA on Friday, April 27th.

Here are the matches announced so far as recapped on their Twitter (@WrestleACTION1) feed tonight.

If one of the matches looks a bit different than you recall, it's because Austin Theory was announced as Gunner Miller's partner initially. Garrini was recently announced as his replacement.

  1. Dominic Garrini v Gunner Miller
  2. Fred Yehi v Cain Justice
  3. Michael Spencer v Arik Royal
  4. Cam Carter v Billy Buck
  5. Joey Lynch v A.C. Mack

This looks to be a fantastic show, and tickets are available at the ACTION Wrestling website. Norko and I have already bought front row tickets for my family. Mom has even got tickets for her and Dad already.

Please do not forget that this show will benefit Make-A-Wish Georgia. So if you're reading this and you're not even a big time wrestling fan, you can come on out, raise some money for a worthy cause, and do something different on a Friday night.

On that topic, I shared this statement from ACTION Wrestling founder Matt Griffin (FKA Jacey North in WildSide) back in February. He talked about the motivation behind this promotion and that future shows will also be benefits for non-profit organizations.

If you're a more hardcore wrestling fan like the South Atlanta Boys are I am confident this show will deliver. I've been talking about quality wrestling coming to Tyrone/Fayette County since this was announced. Everything I've seen since then has done nothing, but increase my confidence about that.

I hope to see you there on Friday, April 27th. It will be a good time.