Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mattel WWE Elite 58

WrestlingFigs.com has the Elite 58 lineup and proto images. This is one of those sets that looks fantastic, but I don't think I will buy a single figure.

Here's the lineup with links to pics of each. Visit the link above for the full gallery of photos.
  1. BRAUN Strowman
  2. Cesaro
  3. Dean Ambrose
  4. Matt Hardy
  5. Mickie James
  6. Sheamus
The accessories in this series is awesome.  The Bar comes with matching entrance attire, BRAUN an ambulance door (previous modern BRAUN fig came with the stretcher), Dean's got a fabric shirt plus the IC Title, Matt Hardy has a Raw Tag Title, and Mickie gets the old school WWE Women's title.

This series is also still doing the Schamberger painting background piece for those who like to unbox and display that way.

Like I said, fantastic series that I probably won't buy. I hate that, but I have to be pretty choosy with my collecting habits these days.

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