Thursday, February 15, 2018

Let's Walk With Elias

In November I told you that Elias Is The Real Deal, and that is still the case. Now that it is 2 - 3 months later I wanted to take a look at him again, and kind of follow-up on him.

Two things made now seem like a good time to do it, the BRAUN segment on Monday's Raw (2/12/2018), and his inclusion in the Elimination Chamber match.

If you have not seen the BRAUN segment, check out WWE's YouTube cut of it. Unfortunately, the beginning of his promo which was really the highlight for me.

The usual formula was followed:
  • Elias tells the crowd he wants silence
  • Crowd ROARS
  • He tells them he won't sing for them
  • HUGE POP from the crowd
  • He backpedals and said something like, [Well my voice is all warmed up and I sound real good...I'm going to play anyway.]

It wasn't groundbreaking, but it worked so well. He played the crowd so well that it really set the stage for what came next.  

What came next was BRAUN (and his singing) which absolutely delivered. The way Elias looked at BRAUN really sold the whole thing though. He's always aggravated when he gets interrupted (which pops me every time), but this time it was a little different. He played up that little bit of fear at the site of the Monster Among Us, and it was absolutely perfect.

Even better he did attempt a cheapshot, but he did not RUN from BRAUN. He was willing to go after him. Now he paid for it this time, but as I've joked Elias is nothing if not an optimist. He'll march right back out there prepared to play his songs, and win a match because that's what he does.

Right now the whole gimmick is clicking on all cylinders for me. He got an impressive win to earn the right to enter last at Elimination Chamber, the look/attire is cool, the matches are good, and most importantly he works the crowd well.

The guy is fantastic, and he has quickly become a highlight of Raw for me. Cannot wait to see where they go with him.

His Twitter bio (@IAmEliasWWE) says it all..Songwriter - Storyteller - Fighter - Drifter.

How can you not want to Walk With Elias?