Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two WWE Things I Hate

Typically, I am a fairly positive fan whether it comes to wrestling, movies, or whatever. I often view a lot of complaints about WWE in particular as senseless nitpicking, and I believe it is perfectly fair to call it that.

That said, there are two things that I absolutely will not defend.
  1. The state of SmackDown (SAD as I call it) aside from The Usos

  2. Some of their production decisions
SmackDown has become a show that I do not even make a point to watch anymore. To me, the main event angle is a complete mess to the point no one in it is the least big likable.

Not even my AJ Styles fandom will cause me to flip over to it while he's bogged down in that mess.  The Usos having awesome tag team matches is worth a look occasionally, but again SmackDown isn't something I bother to watch any longer.

As for the production issues, the latest was the number of cuts in this BRAUN flips a semi segment on Raw last night.  Someone (I cannot recall who) said there were a total of 19 cuts there. That is absurd.

WWE doesn't seem to realize that less is often more. That BRAUN bit is just an example, but missing big spots, and that stupid shaky cam/zoom in and out deal are persistent issues that plague WWE programming.

Overall, I enjoy WWE, but those two issues are indefensible in my mind.