Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Royal Rumble 2018 Was A Great WWE Show

I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Rumble last night. The show wasn't perfect, but on balance it was quite excellent.

As anticipated it mostly came down to how entertaining the two Rumbles were. Both delivered and that made for a great show.

The Rousey discussion has gotten out of hand so that will be tackled in a separate piece here.

  • The Women's Rumble as the main event was a nice touch for two reasons:

    • It was a historic moment that deserved that shine.

    • This one was the one that had the big angle to close the show. Nak winning was a great moment, but wouldn't have been better as a show-closer than the Women's Rumble.

  • The right guy won the Royal Rumble. I (sort of) joked that the only reason I had an issue with Nakamura winning was I didn't want to see that crowd in Philadelphia happy. Regardless it was the right call, and delivered a great moment in front of that crowd.

  • Universal Title match was perfectly fine in a demolition derby sort of way.

    It had a few things working against it for me though.

    • While I respect Kane, I don't really want to see him wrestle anymore and especially not in a spot like that.

    • It was obvious he was there to take the fall, and that was smart. Back to point 1 though, no real interest in that.

    • Honestly, I'm still hung up to a degree on the No Mercy match between Brock and BRAUN. *Thanks to Colvin (@themattcolvin on Twitter) for catching my error, I said Great Balls of File originally.*

    • As far as it relates to Brock, I really want to see him and Roman one-on-one at Mania 34 and that's about it.

  •  That said, I'm not complaining about the match. That's just kind of what it had working against it.

  • WWE Title Handicap match was executed better than I feared, but it shouldn't have been booked. Felt like a huge waste of AJ Styles on a big card, but I will get over it.

  • I liked a 2 out of 3 falls match ending in two straight falls. Fully expected Jey Uso to eat two pins and them drop the titles to Gable and Benjamin. Glad I was wrong because I love The Usos.

  • Raw Tag Title match was a mess. Figure it's another step towards splitting Jordan and Rollins, but it was sad watching The Bar (who I like) winning the straps to deafening silence.

Thought the show was great, and it successfully followed NXT Takeover Philadelphia which I felt would be quite the task.

Good work out of WWE.