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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ronda Rousey's WWE Arrival

In the Royal Rumble discussion I mentioned that the Rousey stuff would have to be broken out to another post.

There's just so many different angles, perspectives, takes to dissect it would have detracted from that post so I'm going to try to tackle it here.

Where do I stand on the Rousey thing?

I think Rousey coming to WWE is a positive, but I want to let it play out more before going much deeper than that.  What I don't want to do is bury it based on the following reasoning:

  • She's not really full time. She wasn't even on the Raw after the Rumble!--This one is probably the most aggravating to me because it once again illustrates a mentality that I see far too often. People want to nitpick things to look smart. I really think that's the main thing going on here.

    When I heard she was going to be full-time, I just took that to mean she's a WWE talent, and this isn't a Mayweather situation. Not appearing on the first Raw post-Rumble is certainly a valid discussion to have, but tying it to the full-time thing is silly.  I mean The Miz disappears to make movies, and I've never heard anyone claim he's not a full-time talent.

  • The WWE women have an issue with her.--Women in WWE very well may be upset by an outsider coming in and angling for a top spot like that. WWE men have complained similarly about things like this. In this case though I tend to think it's a work.

    Reason I think that is the criticisms are being leveled by most of the roster. If this was a legit gripe, I'd hazard a guess that you'd only see a few willing to "go there." I could absolutely be wrong.

    I think they are simply playing to a fanbase that wants to believe that the women of WWE share the same perspective about an outsider like Rousey. People believe it because it backs their own perspective on the situation.  Again we will just have to see where it goes, but I'd really be surprised to find out that this many people are on the roster are being this outspoken about it if it's not a work.

  • Rousey will just be a female Brock Lesnar--This is exactly how she should be used, and I say that as someone who isn't really a Lesnar fan (I want him and Roman at Mania 34 and that's about it).

    While bringing her in and treating her like everyone else may sound fair I'd argue it's really misguided. That would not be the best use for someone like her no matter how well she takes to this wrestling thing.

  • It stole Asuka's moment--Forgot one when I initially published this. There's some validity to this, but it didn't bother me. The way Asuka slapped Ronda's hand away was a great moment though so I don't buy this particular argument.

This Rousey deal is the poster child for "Let it play out" mentality, and I wish more would do that. Ultimately, any or all of these criticisms may be correct. If nothing else I cannot look at the exposure this move has already created for WWE and call it anything other than successful.

As for the rest? Time will tell.