Friday, January 12, 2018

PWInsider: Paige's In-Ring Career Reportedly Done

Sad news just dropped as Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting: "PAIGE DONE AS IN-RING PERFORMER FOR WWE."

From Johnson's article linked above:
In a situation described as similar to WWE Hall of Famer Adam "Edge" Copeland's medical disqualification from the ring, WWE star Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis, 25 years old) was informed this week that she will not be cleared to return to the ring after her most recent in-ring injury, has confirmed with multiple sources.  It is believed Paige was given the news at the Raw taping this past Monday.   We have been told by multiple sources she is "done" as an in-ring wrestler.

The article goes on to detail how exactly the injury occurred.  It's such a sad situation for a variety of reasons.

I never want to see anyone's livelihood taken away from them like this.  This is doubly true when they are literally living their dream.

With Paige it's that much worse as she's only 25 years old. I put myself in that situation and realize that's 15 years ago in my life.  I cannot imagine having my dream taken away from me at that young age.  It's just incredibly sad.

Thoughts are with her through what has to be a difficult time.  It is also a reminder to us that nothing is for certain, nothing lasts forever, and we need to take advantage of whatever advantages we have.