Friday, January 12, 2018

A Collection Of My Favorite Moments From BAMA's Win Over UGA

Let's start with the moments...

Nick Saban's roller coaster as shared by @SportsCenter. Deadspin shared the radio calls from a variety of places.

You know what really adds something to the walk off touchdown? Titanic music.

As for the game itself I don't have much to add other than the following:

  • I still believed BAMA could win, but at the half I thought UGA was going to get the job done.

  • The officiating was poor and largely against UGA. That said I don't believe there was a conspiracy in that regard.

  • Much like BAMA v Clemson 1's onside kick, Nick Saban showed his worth by moving from Jalen to Tua.

  • Speaking of Jalen Hurts, no matter what happens from here I have nothing but respect for that guy and what he has accomplished at BAMA.

  • The person I'm happiest for in this game? BAMA's kicker. Cannot imagine the heat that poor kid would have taken had UGA won that game in OT after he missed that FG.

    On that topic, I thought BAMA needed to be more aggressive late in regulation because I did not trust him to make a kick in that big of a spot no matter what the stats said.

  • UGA should have fed Sony Michel late.

  • While the officiating was poor I think you can absolutely point a finger at UGA's offensive play-calling and execution late.  (A UGA and wrestling fan shared this Seth Emerson AJC piece which I thought looked at all aspects of the loss pretty well.)

  • It amazes me that right after the game I didn't see a crimson shirt with white lettering that said 2nd and 26.  Get on that, folks. 

  • That finish was arguably the most exciting sports moment ever for me. When I realized the WR (Smith) was open I started screaming "OH MY GOD!" over and over again, they scored, I met my wife at our bedroom door, picked her up, and swung her around. 

    As my cousin said I was "doing the most." We were carrying on so loudly that we woke up both of the kids. My son (named after Bear Bryant) was so confused that he started to get dressed for school. It was absolutely insane. 

It was a great game, and a gutsy win. Alabama won their 17th national championship in the wildest way possible, and I will never forget it.