Monday, December 4, 2017

Matt Hardy's Awakening

As I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Raw, they showed a tease for Matt Hardy's awakening or transformation he's undergoing after his loss to Bray Wyatt last week.

There are a ton of people who are excited about the return of Broken Matt Hardy or whatever exactly this ends up being.  While I enjoyed the Broken Universe in Impact/TNA, I can't say I'm that fired up about this.

I am confident that Matt can make it work if they go about it the right way, but the process of "breaking" him is kind of annoying (for lack of a better term).

In no way am I saying it's the wrong thing to do, it just kind of falls flat for me.  I saw a video on Twitter this weekend of him showing signs of his transformation and I really couldn't sit and watch the whole thing.

All I'm saying is that while I think the destination will be worth it, I'm not crazy about how we have to go about getting there.

As always I will let it play out though.

The segment has started as I'm sitting here, and the inclusion of Bray Wyatt may not be the worst idea. We know how that goes with Bray though...

Oh, and now that the segment is over it looks like they've pretty much gotten Hardy WOKEN already so maybe the fretting about the transition was for nothing.

Seems like there's a lesson to be learned here.