Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Was Wrong About Enzo Amore


OK, "wrong" is a bit strong, but I have done a 180 on Enzo Amore.  Let me explain why wrong is too strong.

I will forever maintain that face Enzo Amore was a mess.  The pair with Big Cass just didn't speak to me.  I am fully aware that many (most?) loved that gimmick and I will not argue with that at all.

What I will say is that despite the success, Enzo was a HUGE pass for me as I wrote about here.  The character didn't resonate with me at all.  He was annoying when I was supposed to support him. It felt to me like the crowd ate up subpar material just because they liked the dudes.

Now full credit to Enzo & Cass for having that kind of connection with the crowd, but that's how I saw it.  They coasted by on goofy material in my mind.

What changed? Enzo spinning off on his own and becoming The Guy in the Cruiserweight Division.  Neville was great as King of the Cruiserweights, but I already appreciated him.  Enzo being the heel champ in that division has been great for him AND the division.

Not sure what it is, but the guy just understands what it takes to project as a star.  Even the goofy stuff he does like going out to big fights, and getting pics with celebrities helps the whole image.  He carries himself like a star, and it's impossible to ignore that.

Being a heel also takes all those issues I had with him initially and slides them into the positive column for me.  He's annoying, but it's in a way that I enjoy watching.  KO and especially Sami are annoying, but it nudges right up against channel-changing heat for me.

Enzo is able to walk that fine line where he's entertaining, a terrific heel, and a guy that catches my attention.  It has been remarkable seeing that transformation.

A friend of mine said for a long while that Enzo would be a great addition to the CW Division.  I didn't believe him then, but I do now.  Credit where it's due to my friend because his thoughts were on point.