Thursday, December 7, 2017

Breaking Asuka's Streak

The Ronda Rousey to WWE news has generated the idea that Ronda may be the one to break Asuka's streak.

Some are fine with this, while other feel it's wrong that an outsider gets that rub as opposed to a regular roster member.

There are merits to both sides of this argument, and I'm sure they'll be debated to death on Wrestling Twitter.

I actually look at it a different way....
There's no satisfying way to end Asuka's streak. 
They've let this thing go on too long, and they really botched it by not having her drop the strap on the way out of NXT.

That's my take on it and it's not just an Asuka or WWE problem, it's a "this is what happens with streak gimmicks and exceptionally long title reigns" deal.

The bigger issue in 2017 is that you've got to be careful how the audience reacts to it.  While giving the win to someone you're high on may be great in theory, you've got to wonder if the crowd is going to legit whoever gets that win regardless.

The line between story/angle and the real world is more blurred than ever.  It really may not be in your fave's benefit to be the one who breaks the streak.  That's the situation we are in now.