Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Elias Is The Real Deal

It's official, I want to walk with Elias. That dude has been interesting since he joined the main roster, but I believe last night was a real star-making situation for him even in defeat.

What worked so well about last night? There were a couple of things.

It was nice getting Roman's IC Open Challenge off to a hot start.

Another interesting aspect was Elias taking in The Miztourage while Miz heels up from his Shield beatdown (and films The Marine 6).

Elias also hit a homer with the segment just before the match. Knoxville, Tennessee was as pro-Roman crowd as we've seen in a while. He sat out there performing long enough that we got a LOUD "WE WANT ROMAN!" chant.

At that point, the stage was set and all he needed to do was deliver in the match itself, and he absolutely did.  In general, Elias is able to work the crowd in a way that few others do.  He's got a great look, and he's solid enough in the ring.

I really believe he's developed into a player on Raw and I'm excited about it. 

For example, I placed a Cyber Monday Christmas order on WWE Shop last night.  When I saw Elias at the beginning of Raw, I went back on there and almost bought his shirt.*  This morning I joked that he had my seal of approval which meant I was going to buy his Mattel Elite figure when it came out (I will).

It's always exciting to see someone make the most of their opportunity, I think Elias has absolutely done that. It will be fun watching him as this thing gets rolling.

*(UPDATE: I just placed the order. 50% off with $5 shipping was a good enough deal for me. Plus I wanted to try the next size up in their shirts to see about the fit).