Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Excellent Banter From Roman Reigns

Hopefully, you saw Raw last night which ended with Undertaker making a surprise appearance during the BRAUN STROWMAN v Roman Reigns main event.

If you did not catch it, here is the portion that WWE uploaded to their official YouTube channel.

The whole thing was really well executed.  It only got better once Roman headed up the ramp, and glanced back at Undertaker who did the iconic zombie sit up.  All of it worked really well together.

It was an excellent way to sell the match at WrestleMania and an excellent way to close Raw.

The reason this post is title "Excellent Banter From Roman Reigns" is the Tweet I saw first thing this morning.

That is the exact type of swagger and edge that Roman Reigns has always needed to show. That right there is why I don't get too worked up one way or another about whether he's a heel or a face.

It's about presentation and characterization to me and they've hit it pretty solid since the first Raw after WrestleMania 32 so far as I am concerned.

He's basically running with that The Guy persona, and it absolutely works for him.  It shouldn't have taken so long for them to figure out what makes him tick, but I am glad to see they got there finally.