Sunday, March 26, 2017

Are We In A Boom Period?

A1 Podcast Episode 336 MP3

For those that don't know, I host the A1 Podcast and the episode I listed above is an episode I ran solo on talking about whether or not we are in a boom period for our great sport of professional wrestling. 

I highly do recommend you listen because it's a great show and for those that have sent feedback, I do thank you.  For the record, I do argue that we are indeed in a boom period, just one that a lot of people don't seem to notice.

I'm doing an entry on this subject to congratulate those at Anarchy Wrestling (formerly known as Why We Wrestle) based out of Cornelia, Georgia.  Last night, they held the 19th edition of their super show, Hardcore Hell.  By all accounts, from a creative standpoint, it was a well-received show that all the attending fans enjoyed.  And secondly, yes, by attending, it was a sell out, they actually had to turn away fans because the show sold out. 

Which brings me to my point about boom period.  Yes, we have the proliferation of promotions, ways to consume all these promotions whether it be through tv, DVD/Blu-Ray, streaming services, but one of the biggest things of a boom period is the success of the non-WWE owned promotions.  It trickles down to the smaller promotions, and when you hear stories like Anarchy continually to draw well and grow during that period, that's a good thing and it's not just in Anarchy, but I wanted to point them out in particular because of their local connection to me and STF. 

If promotions like Anarchy continue to promote properly. when the boom period eventually ends, they'll be able to survive and thrive.