Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NWA Wildside reunion show postponed

A couple of weeks ago Why We Wrestle, the promotion that now runs shows out of the Church of Southern Wrestling in Cornelia, Georgia, had announced it's intentions of running a NWA Wildside reunion show on January 28th of 2017.  Lots of stars from the Wildside days had announced their intention of being there at the event.  Unfortunately the Why We Wrestle twitter made this announcement today.

This is a crushing blow for those that had already made plans of being there on the 28th, however, on a personal note, it's good news.  It gives me more time to gather the fan group I attended the shows with together and get all of them to get their schedules free and for me to get proper transportation.  My car isn't what it used to be so better to play it safe and get a rental. 

And if this gives them a chance of getting more of the old Wildside alumni to attend the reunion the better.