Monday, August 29, 2016

WWE Universal Championship: What I Would Do Tonight

We've got the Fatal 4-Way tonight for the WWE Universal Championship.  It is unfortunate how we have gotten here with Finn Balor's serious shoulder injury, but it makes for an exciting episode with Raw tonight.

In order here's how my rooting interest goes and I think you will be surprised by my first pick:
  1. Kevin Owens
  2. Roman Reigns
  3. Big Cass
  4. Seth Rollins
Why not Roman Reigns first?  It's partly a been there, done that deal.  It's partly for his own good as I believe shuffling him down the card for a bit would be better for him.  It's partially because the Finn Balor thing was an exciting development and Reigns wouldn't be (for a large part of the fanbase).

That same logic is why I have Rollins dead last here.  Everything I said about Reigns is true for Rollins and as much as I like Rollins he's never been "my guy" the way Reigns is.

Big Cass would be interesting simply because it would be so out of left-field and it would certainly lead to an unpredictable title run. You would have no expectation that his run was supposed to go for any specific length or end any sort of particular way so that would be fun.

Kevin Owens to me is the best option.  He is beloved by the same part of the fanbase that largely reject Reigns.  He's a quality heel, he can talk, and he does everything well really.

How would I do it?  I am not fantasy booker and Rusev interference has been widely speculated to so I'd go down that road.  Reigns seems to be in good shape until Rusev interferes.  It looks like Rollins is the one who will benefit and KO ends up getting the victory instead.

We will see how it goes.  If Roman does win (which I still fully support) I sincerely hope that it leads to a heel turn.  The speculated double turn with Reigns and Rollins would be fine with me as well.  They've been swimming upstream against that obvious choice for a while now so maybe they're finally to the point they want to pull the trigger.

Either way, looking forward to the show tonight. 

I guess I look at it like my mind's eye when I imagine the show closing with one man holding the WWE Universal Championship belt the order I listed above leaves me the most excited down to the least excited.