Monday, June 6, 2016

Roman Reigns v Seth Rollins: What's the Problem?

I intended to cover this last week, but broke out the Cena v AJ part into its own post and never got back to this.  Anyhow, I think it's fair to say the Rollins v Reigns feud is off to a rocky start and that is really disappointing because it is completely unnecessary.

The major issue here is that they have continued to portray Rollins as they did prior to his injury.  That portrayal is of a confirmed coward who is completely outmatched by his opponents. The problem here is that the crowd loves Rollins no matter what and wants to cheer/support him.

By trying to mute the response Rollins gets you're effectively sucking the life out of this feud.  It lacks energy and that's really a shame. 

If you were still portraying Roman Reigns as the white knight top babyface I might understand dealing with Rollins this way, but they aren't doing that any longer.  Reigns has firmly been entrenched in his tweener role and it doesn't matter to him (in a storyline sense) whether the fans support him or not.  In a very real sense it shouldn't matter to WWE either. 

The days of black and white, good vs evil, whatever you want to call it are over.  Give the audience compelling characters that they care about and let them boo or cheer whoever they want.  Quit swimming upstream by trying to force people like Seth Rollins or New Day into these phony face/heel molds.  It's counter-productive and simply frustrates the live crowd.

All of that leads to less energetic crowds which is a problem even for the audience at home.  It dampens everyone's enjoyment when you see a crowd that sits on their hands and doesn't make a lot of noise. 

Hopefully, tonight is a turning point for this feud, but right now it is floundering badly and as usual it isn't on the talent.  It is all on WWE Creative.