Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How Should Seth Rollins' Reign End?

My personal opinion, unsurprisingly, is that Roman Reigns is the man to end Seth Rollins WWE World Heavyweight Championship run.  Right now I don't think that's as unpopular a position as it was not that long ago.  Reigns seems to have won over a large segment of the crowd.  I think credit for some of that belongs to pairing him and Dean Ambrose back up together.  They have a great chemistry and camaraderie that helps both guys honestly.  If nothing else it gave Ambrose a path back up the card from midcard purgatory.

Anyhow, I think Reigns is the guy and I while I like the idea of his coronation coming in a more traditional manner I think a surprise cash-in is the way to go.  Why?  The angle is basically begging for it.  Imagine a scenario where Seth Rollins has beaten Ambrose or whoever through a great deal of shenanigans and is smugly standing tall yet again and then you hear....

I firmly believe the crowd would go wild. Is it noble and heroic like you want your faces to behave? No, not at all but in the terms of the story it would be a satisfying way to end Rollins' reign. It would also be perfect poetic justice.

The "monkey in the wrench" here is Brock Lesnar considering that storyline also kind of begs for him to take the belt back from Rollins.  My issue with that is while I love Brock Lesnar I really don't have a strong desire to see him hold the strap again.  My other issue is I just flat out like the Roman Reigns scenario more.  

The other issue is this FWIW.

No idea if any of that is true or not, but I hope Reigns is getting the briefcase.  If not, then I guess the silver lining is that he may get the opportunity to have a more legitimate start to his first title reign.  If the decision was left up to me I'd take poetic justice over legitimacy at this stage of the game.

We'll have to wait and see what they decide to do. 

Upload Credit: Fresh Prince of Harvey