Monday, June 1, 2015

Elimination Chamber Review

The "pop-up PPV" Elimination Chamber was a success in my mind. With the concern being that wedging a PPV/special show in between Payback and Money in the Bank, I thought this show delivered. It was basically a two match show. Oddly enough the two matches in question did not involve the Chamber.

The opening match was our first ever tag team Elimination Chamber match.  It was designed to be a spectacle and succeeded in that regard.  I didn't really get into the match though, but it served its purpose I suppose and New Day escaping with their titles was the right move especially since they were a three-man unit.

Naomi just doesn't interest me at all for whatever reason.  I can't figure out what it is, but all of the sudden I just cannot bring myself to care about matches she's involved in anymore.  Leaving the belt on Nikki (who is just incredible looking and solid in the ring) was the right call there as well.

The first of the two important matches was Cena/Owens.  This ended up being the match of the night and gave me one of the first "Did I just witness that?" moments I've had since Lesnar ended The Streak.  The back and forth action and multiple finisher kickouts came dangerously close to being a "movez fest," but both guys made it work.  Owens' mic work after was a nice bonus even though I don't like that dude's accent or voice at all.  It irrationally irritates me for whatever reason.  Anyhow, it looks like WWE just made a star out of Kevin Owens (who blocked me on Twitter for reasons I can't fathom).

The IC Elimination Chamber match was better than the tag team one IMHO.  Ryback getting the victory and the strap worked for me in that it felt fresh.  Nice segment with him and Bryan after the bell as well. 

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (champion) lived up to the hype and the hope in my opinion even with the Dusty Finish.  Look, I totally get why people hated that finish, I really do.  That said because of the specific performances of Ambrose/Rollins/Reigns, I thought it worked.  Ambrose getting the rub as "The People's Champion" isn't a bad thing either.  If you weren't going to give him the belt I thought they gave him and Reigns a way to get a small victory at least.  I thought the finish was...FUN.. for lack of a better term.

Expectations weren't through the roof for this show with MitB right around the corner, but as far as being a WWE Network exclusive show, I thought this delivered.  The main event scene is muddy (in a good way) and hopefully that kind of chaos is what we get for a while.  Sometimes things get so paint by number that it is hard to make it compelling.  Right now there's enough randomness that it makes things exciting without being completely illogical or swerves for the sake of swerves. 

Oh, and I forgot about Neville/Bo Dallas which says all you need to know about it.