Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wrestling Figure Wish List 2015

I have done this one in SAW's distant past*, but I think it's about time to revisit my wrestling figure wish list.  These are the guys who I would most like to see Mattel immortalize in glorious plastic (or whatever figures are made of now).

The top five that come to my head when I think of figures I want to see the most are as follows in now particular order:
  • Magnum TA--It was so tantalizing close too.  So close...
  • Stan "The Lariat" Hansen--Pretty much goes without saying that The Unsinkable Battleship, The Bad Man from Borger Texas, etc. needs a figure. 
  • Bruiser Brody--See above and he's one of my favorite Jakks Pacific figures too.
  • Nick Bockwinkel--A classy legend like the four-time AWA champion deserves a figure and is a huge hole in my collection. 
  • Fabulous Freebirds--If I can only have one I want Michael PS Hayes naturally, but all three original 'Birds would be excellent.  Toss a Jimmy Jam Garvin in there too at some point with a late-80's Hayes too.  I'll buy two Hayes figures that way Mattel.
Sting would be on that list, but they are making him already he's just not out yet.  Larry Zbyszko may be the first one to miss the list, but some WCW Faces of Fear figures would be nice as would Harlem Heat.  Steiners would be nice too.

Ole Anderson isn't on the list simply because I know it's not even worth having the discussion.  Having the original Horsemen would be great though.

*Here and here.