Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Larry Zbyszko's First Promo After Winning AWA Title

I solicited topics for today's post and Norko suggested something from Larry Z. You can't go wrong with that in my opinion so I found something. This one is actually kid of historic as it's cut right after his AWA World Title victory.  Enjoy!

That is classic Larry Zbyszko right there. He takes the viewer straight to "Larryland" after winning the AWA World Title in a battle royal of all things. This isn't the fully Larryland experience though as he doesn't refer to anyone as a "spudhead" for one. Second, it's got a more serious tone than a lot of the ones that I caught on AWA Classics on ESPN. Not that he was jokey or anything like that in those, but he brought a more serious vibe in general to this one. He really puts over the 14 year journey to becoming a world champion, obviously he mentions "retiring" Bruno Sammartino, and even points out that Bruno had turned on him. That's quality heeling all the way around there if you ask me. "The Living Legend" really is underrated IMHO. I know the AWA wasn't what it once was when he became champion and I know he was Verne Gagne's son-in-law and all, but I enjoyed what I saw of his title run there. He's a guy that came across as credible to me and that continued to his time in WCW as a commentator and as a tag team specialist with Arn Anderson in The Enforcers before that.

Upload Credit: Rasslin' Ring