Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Roman Reigns Drug Test Failure Debunked

I joke that it will ruin my "street cred," but I am actually a Roman Reigns fan.  I really like the guy and hope he goes on to big things in WWE.  Not saying that I necessarily think that this WrestleMania needed to be his moment or anything like that though, but since that's the direction they are going I am going to support my guy.

With that said, I was very disappointed to read first thing this morning that a Roman Reigns failed drug test was allegedly the reason Brock Lesnar walked out on Raw or at the least did not appear.

This rumor ran wild for several hours before wrestling journalists began to respond.  Once they did though they appear to have thrown cold water all over the unsubstantiated rumor.

Personally, I am glad that Reigns did not do something as foolish as flunk a drug test heading into the biggest professional moment of his life.  I am also glad that I decided not to post the original rumor here on South Atlanta Wrestling.  I am no journalist, but I wanted to hear what the heavyweights of the industry and/or WWE had to say about it before giving it further exposure.  I did, however, point people to the following Tweet and lament the fact that, "If this was true then it was highly disappointing."

I have no issue having done any of that because discussing hypotheticals and unsubstantiated rumors is par for the course when it comes to the wrestling industry.  Ultimately, I'm happy that this one wasn't true, but I wish we knew what really went down with Lesnar and WWE on Monday night.  Truth is we may never know.