Friday, February 13, 2015

Folks to Follow: Twitter Recommendations Volume 1

I have decided to kick #FollowFriday on Twitter up a notch.  Instead of just a simple Tweet with a list of names I am going to post them here with an explanation for why you might be interested in them.  The intention is just to highlight a few people at a time, not a comprehensive list.

Norko (@TheBottomLine)--This one should be obvious.  Friends since 1986 (3rd Grade!), my partner here on SAW, and general all around good dude.  Oh, and he's also an Alabama Crimson Tide fan like myself so ROLL TIDE ROLL! 

Dan Aleksander (@HaveTilFive)--Originally caught my eye because of the awesome Twitter handle which if you didn't know is a Bryan Danielson reference.  You may know Bryan Danielson better as WWE's Daniel Bryan.  Anyhow, always an excellent follow for a variety of reasons.  The main reason he's included here though is I've had a lot of good wrestling discussion with him in spite of him being a Philly guy (Hey, no one's perfect).

Update: Here's what he had to say about his name, "Part Bryan reference, part wrestling rules in general reference."  He does some cool urban photography as well.

WCW WorldWide (@WCWWorldwide)--If you are like me and grew up knowing how special 6:05 on Saturday night was then this is the site for you.  You can get your fill of WCW nostalgia here.  A lot of his original content is currently floating around on other WCW-centric Facebook pages, etc. without attribution.  Like I said, if you like WCW then this is a must-follow Twitter account.

That's all I have for this week, but this will be a fairly regular staple here on South Atlanta Wrestling.  You can check the top of the page for all of our contact information as well.