Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RAW Review 3-19-2012

I have not done a proper "RAW Review" since June of last year, but last night's show deserved one.

First off, Norko and I will be attending next Monday's RAW from Philip's Arena in ATL. It should be a great show with it being the last one before WrestleMania. The Rock being in the building never hurts either.

As for last night's show:
  • Punk/Jericho:  Brilliant delivery from both guys.  Jericho was very believable in his apology.  Punk anger before and after Jericho's comments seemed legitimate.  I think that bleeping the language when Punk reacted to Jericho actually enhanced the angle.  In some ways I am actually more excited about this "Best in the World" feud than I am Cena/Rock.
  • Cena/Rock:  The Rock delivered a solid promo that was entertaining and underscored why beating Cena meant something to him.  Cena had a heck of a showing with the impressive looking AA on Mark Henry.  Henry himself looked good in defeat.  The Rock coming down to deliver the Rock Bottom on a recovering Mark Henry to send a message?  I liked it.  Good night for this angle after some clunkers on the Road to WrestleMania.
  • Rhodes/Big Show:  Nice clips of the Big Show's previous WrestleMania efforts.  Cody getting the best of Show was a nice visual.  I feared they'd have Show break the cuffs and chase down Cody.  When Show had trouble getting up I was impressed they let Cody get the best of him like that.  I thought that was really nicely booked.
  • Santino/Otunga:  The posedown was fun.  Having a champion lose cleanly after suffering an injury in a posedown is a microcosm of what is wrong with WWE booking as it relates to champions.  It's also why I favor keeping belts out of the hands of comedy acts no matter how over they are. 
  • Bryan/Ryder:  Nice convincing win for the champion over a guy that WWE fans like for whatever reason.
  • Ziggler & Swagger/R-Truth & Kofi:  I like the idea of Swagger and Ziggler joining Team Johnny as it makes perfect sense.  I would rather see these teams squaring off for the Tag Titles however especially had they been given some convincing wins to this point.
  • Miz/Sheamus:  Sensible way to keep Sheamus looking strong while continuing to sell the Miz and his reversal of fortunes since last WrestleMania. 
I did not mention the main event interview segment as I have not seen it all the way through.  What I saw of RAW though made for an excellent show.  There wasn't anything Earth-shattering, but it was all logical, made sense and delivered solid action.

That's all I really want out of a wrestling program.