Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kevin Von Erich shares opinions on Twitter *UPDATED*

Update: An unknown SAW commenter posted the following in the comment section.
This was an impersonator who has since deleted his twitter. The real Kevin Von Erich can be followed @KevinVonErich
So the whole Jericho/Von Erich Twitter slap fight was apparently completely bogus as Kevin Von Erich was not the one using the KevinVonErich1 account.

Thanks for the update, Unknown Commenter.

I'll leave the piece here for historical purposes, but clearly it was not what we thought it might be.

LoP had a summary of some Tweets that WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin Von Erich shared recently and he did not pull any punches.
Chris Jericho is another guy I never saw anything in. He is a prima donna.
Jericho took this in stride with the following response.
At least i wore boots in the ring :)
Von Erich was not done however.
But you didn't wear a good attitude. I don't mean to come down on @IAmJericho but he has an exaggerated opinion of his abilities. I might not have worn boots when I worked but I also didn't get blonde highlights in my hair when I was in my 40s.
Kevin also shared opinions about other WWE Superstars such as Mark Henry, Wade Barrett and Shawn Michaels.

DISCLAIMER: I checked the official site and did not see anything that links to that Kevin Von Erich Twitter account and it is not a Verified account either. It is entirely possible that it is not actually Kevin Von Erich using that account.