Saturday, October 22, 2011

FFA: Third Saturday in October (CFB 10-22-2011)

If you do not get the reference in the title then you are most likely not a Southern Football Fan. The Third Saturday in October is the name that represents the annual Alabama Crimson Tide/Tennessee Volunteers football game. It's Roll Tide vs Rocky Top, it's victory cigars and it's a great football rivalry.

This year's game is unusual in that Alabama is a 30 point favorite coming into this game. I'm a huge Alabama fan, but this game should never be that lopsided. Honestly, I'll be surprised if it is. The Vols have fallen on hard times after the dismissal of Phil Fulmer (the right call imho), the hiring and one year tenure of Lane Kiffin (the wrong call imho) and the hiring of UGA legend Vince Dooley's son, Derek Dooley (the jury is out on that one).

Anyhow, I hope the Tide rolls today.

Georgia Tech heads down to Miami today and I do not have a good feeling about that game at all. Hopefully the Jackets bow their neck, but they have lost two in a row to Miami. This includes getting dominated at home by a Miami team who fired their coach last season.

Enjoy your college football Saturday folks.

As an aside, today is our wedding anniversary. It's been six years since we got married. The BAMA/Tennessee game fell on that day. It was "Rocky Stop" a 6-3 win for Alabama. Tennessee was driving late and fumbled the ball through the end zone to give that game its name.

Back to our wedding, we danced to a Dave Matthews cover of The Beatles' "In My Life." I found out later that the piano solo at the end of that song was recorded 40 years to the day before our wedding.

Happy anniversary Katie!