Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I'm Not Interested in RAW

With the start of football season you might think that the return of Monday Night Football has harmed my interest in RAW tonight.  Really, I'm more of a college football fan so that is not it at all. 

Work has been crazy, but honestly that is not it either.  The fact is it comes down to two things.  Actually it comes down to two people.  Care to take a guess? Yeah, it's COO Triple H and John Cena.   It's sad, but it is what it is.

ADR as champion? Awesome. Rebuilding the tag division around a team like Air Boom?  Great.  CM Punk? The best.  None of that matters to me as much as the fact that I'm stuck with Cena chasing the title and Triple H in a top feud.  It's more stark now simply because I was teased with all the possibilities of CM Punk coming out of MitBThey brought him back too soon and the whole show has been downhill from there. 

Hopefully in a few weeks something will happen that will help me shake that feeling, but right now I just do not enjoy RAW nearly as much as I would like.  Two of the most overbearing acts in the 2000s is the reason.

By the way, I'll still give it a look tonight, but I wish I felt that "spark."  That's all.