Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Triple H: Leading Man?

Not according to the Orlando Sentinel who reviewed his latest film, "Inside Out." Of note...
Paul “Triple H” Levesque has the look, the demeanor and the skills to be a useful heavy in other people’s action films. He’s so muscle-bound, his arms can’t quite drop to his side. His face is more scary than handsome. Yet “Inside Out” is yet another attempt to make him a leading man.
I cannot stand Triple H. I find him to be one of the least compelling "legends" in the business, but the line about him being a "useful heaving on other people's action films" is fairly true. I thought he had a great look in "Blade: Trinity" for example. He was a nice piece of that movie and could be effective in the right kinds of movies. I did not see "The Chaperone" and have no intention of seeing this either, but if you were going to check this out you know have some food for thought.

I caught some select quotes from this review on LoP. You can see the full review at the Orlando Sentinel's website.