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Monday, September 12, 2011

TNA's Gunner: Not Amused By Your Criticisms

TNA "Star" Gunner is taking a page from the Madison Rayne playbook according to this LoP entry.
Amazing job from all Impact talent tonite! No Surrender was a success! SUCK IT DIRT SHEETS AND FAT COMPUTER MARKS AT HOME.
I understand he was irritated with people criticizing the product that he is pouring his energy into it. I think once he cooled off a bit he would probably rethink those comments. Oh wait.
So apparently the message boards are calling me an "egomaniac"! Ahhhh u guys are silly!! FAT COMPUTER MARKS...oooppss I did it again
Seriously though, completely understandable. I'm sure after lashing out at the people who probably care most about that godawful "wrestling" show TNA produces, he might have a change of heart.
Good thing the so called message boards don't really mean crap to me! My true fans are the ones who know we all bust our tails to entertain u all.
Because, if you criticize the program folks then you certainly don't understand how hard they work and stuff. If you did, you would unconditionally support an awful product simply because they work hard at it right? Wrong. Also I can see by his RAGE TWEETZ how little he cares what "the internet" thinks. Oh well, at least that was all of it....
We need to get FATCOMPUTERMARKS trending!
In short, he may be a great guy and solid wrestler, but he comes off as an absolute tool here.  It's a shame someone in that sham of a wrestling promotion can't use this much energy to fix the obviously broken product they have there.