Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rick Rude vs....Lance Von Erich

To amp up the weirdness of this whole thing, that's Percy Pringle III managing Mr. Rude. You most likely know PP3 as Paul Bearer.  If you are reading SAW then you probably already know this, but Lance Von Erich wasn't actually a Von Erich.  Well technically the Von Erichs weren't Von Erichs either, but Lance was not a brother* to Kerry, Kevin, David etc.  He was brought in to help continue the Von Erich tradition.  That backfired in a huge way.

*Correction: Lance was not supposed to be a brother, but a cousin. He was supposedly Waldo's son.  Either way, he isn't related to any Von Erichs or Waldo.  I just discovered my mistake while reading about the Von Erichs.

Upload Credit: 1000holds