Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick RAW Thoughts (8-1-2011)

Honestly, I thought it was boring.  Punk was solid, but unspectacular.  Triple H, Cena and even John Laurinaitis played their parts well, but it was fairly paint by numbers. 

I really wanted to get back into the Punk angle, but I feared they killed it last week and this show gave me zero reason to believe it's going to be special going forward.

I really enjoyed Punk, Miz and Truth this week.  Evan Bourne selling the armbar like a madman was great.  ADR, as always, was a lot fun as was Kofi showing some fire.

If I gave grades for WWE TV, I'd probably give this a C.  It was fine, but nothing really stood out.  It was pretty much the definition of average.  In light of what the Punk storyline could have been, I really want to give it a lower grade, but I think a C is fair.