Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chris Masters Comments on David Otunga

As one of the recently released WWE SuperStars you would think that Chris Masters might have a lot to say.  You would be right.  One particular thing stood out to me in this Lords of Pain article.
Masters also feels a number of wrestlers don't belong in WWE, and specifically names David Otunga. "You think David Otunga's ready for TV?" he asks the hosts. When asked why the Raw Superstar should have been fired before him, Masters replies, "Well, he's got two left feet. C'mon, just watch him walk around the ring for five minutes."

Masters, however, then says in defense of Otunga that the Tag Team Champion is a product of WWE's system—wrestlers being called up to television prematurely.

I am not much of a workrate guy so I don't know if Otunga is a great, decent, passable or godawful worker, but I found Masters' comments to be very interesting. It has seemed throughout its history that the right look can certainly get you on TV more quickly no matter how you perform in the ring.

As an aside, I've always felt that WWE's approach to "depush" wrestlers who seemed to be getting over and then "repushing" them later to be perplexing. Once the heat is squashed, it's hard to get it back. Sometimes you have to let things happen more organically and I don't think WWE does that often enough.