Thursday, July 2, 2020

Star Wars Action Figure Photography

A friend of my son's took these action figure photos, and I thought she did a really good job.

I asked if I could share them, and was told I could so here they are!

Monday, June 29, 2020

New Seth Rollins Shirt: For The Greater Good

Big fan of this new "For The Greater Good" Seth Rollins shirt that WWE just dropped.

IRL Discussion: Brock Stiffing BRAUN

Had a conversation with a friend about moments where "it got real" in the ring, and decided I'd share it here.

It was this glorious moment where a frustrated Brock Lesnar tagged BRAUN STROWMAN at Royal Rumble 2018.

This video isn't as clear, but has a bunch of replays and it also rules. That led us to a discussion about one of my favorite moments like this in a Harley Race/Nick Bockwinkel v Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody tag match.

A poster on WCMB named Grobbit recaps it, and I seem to remember a telling of the story where Race said something to Brody like, "If you want to get rough, we can get rough."

Friday, June 19, 2020

More Information About ACTION Wrestling Returns, Tickets On Sale Now

Due to scheduling conflicts, this event has been canceled.

Tickets are $15 and are on sale now at!

More information about the show from ACTION is below. South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com will be continuing our relationship as Unofficial Archivist, and Sponsor going forward. Very excited about that.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Asuka, Nia Jax, and Referee John Cone

This was a little moment from last night's Raw, but I thought it was really interesting.

Skip to 1:50 in the video below if you want to get right to the important stuff.

The way it was executed was pretty slick, and I loved the fact that it played off the idea that the referee can use some discretion when it comes to calling for a DQ.

Being a little vindictive about it works as well in that unlike an MLB umpire who thinks people paid to see them, you felt like Nia deserved it.

While I don't necessarily care for the idea that Nia needed to be protected here, and I also don't think it made up for the sorry finish at Backlash...I enjoyed this.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Scenic City Invitational 2020 Has Been Canceled

In the realm of news that was totally expected and yet totally unwelcome, SCI 2020 was officially canceled tonight.

Here's the official statement from their Facebook page, I will have more on this later but wanted to get this shared ASAP.

The pandemic has claimed two of the most highly-anticipated nights of the indie wrestling calendar for my corner of the scene. It's a shame, but it is what it is and there are obviously far more important things going on right now.

That said, it really is a bummer for the organizers, the talent, the fans, and the partner school.

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever Delivered

Edge v Randy Orton at Backlash last night was not legitimately "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" as Magnum TA v Tully Blanchard for the US Title in an I Quit, Cage Match at Starrcade '85 exists.

Did it deliver? It did. Based on the marketing I expected one of two things to happen:

1) Randy Orton hits a low blow, and an RKO for a quick and cheap win. This makes sense as he was the one pushing for the idea of a technical classic. It would be revealed that was a trick to screw with Edge.

2) They'd go for an "epic" match, and it wouldn't rise to the occasion. Think in terms of how many of us felt about the Last Man Standing at WrestleMania 36 match overstaying its welcome.

Instead we got a pretty entertaining (if not a tad long) match that left me pretty well satisfied.

Friday, June 12, 2020

ACTION Wrestling Returns Saturday, July 18, 2020

This show has been canceled.

I literally no nothing more than this, but ACTION Wrestling posted this all over their social media accounts today.

In what is unfortunate for me, I won't be able to make this show. SAW DC will be a sponsor however, and I hope to see it packed out.

As always, I will have more information on this show as it comes available. A page link will be placed on the upper-right of this site like usual shortly.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Cryptic ACTION Wrestling Tweet

Once I know more, I will pass it along!