Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Becky Lynch Announces She's Pregnant, Asuka Is New Raw Women's Champion

First and most importantly, congratulations to Becky Lynch on her very exciting news.

As for the wrestling aspect of all this, I really like how they handled it. The main thing is that Asuka actually won a match to claim the title (although the competitors and fans didn't know this at the time).

If you listen to what Becky says the point was that the Raw Women's Title was in the briefcase for the match as a way to "raise the stakes."

This means Asuka won the title when she won the match even though no one realized that until 24 hours later. This is subtly different (and BETTER) than saying, "We are naming Asuka Raw Women's Champion because she is the current MITB briefcase holder." That would have felt more like Eric Bischoff handing Triple H the "Big Gold" World Title when Raw wanted a top champion.

A somewhat random thought I had while watching this last night is that I'm kind of glad that the rumor/report that Becky was pregnant got out ahead of the show. Had it not gotten out I think the whole vibe of the opening segment would have been kind of concerning.

Honestly, it gave me very real "Roman Reigns announces he has leukemia" vibes. Very glad that the announcement was a much happier one.

As for Asuka, she's an absolute treasure and I enjoyed her celebration as well as her congratulating Becky on the pregnancy.

Losing another star is rough during the empty arena pandemic era, but I am pretty excited about the Asuka Era at least. She's been a real MVP on these shows, and her getting something more important to do works for me.

Last night was a more positive example of "The real world intruding on the wrestling world" and I think WWE handled it beautifully.

Good work by all involved, and again congratulations to Becky and of course Seth Rollins (her fiance if you didn't know).