Saturday, April 11, 2020

WWE 2K21 Reportedly Canceled, Another Game Coming?

UPDATE 4/23/2020: This has been confirmed, and Fightful has the story on it.

UPDATE: After sharing on Twitter it is important to note that this should all be taken with a grain of salt.  Original post below.


There were rumors/reports that there was consideration of not releasing WWE 2K20 so they could take a year off. That obviously didn't happen, but they released a game with a ton of issues (although I enjoyed it despite those issues.)

According to the video above some flavor of WWE game will be released but it won't be a "mainline" WWE 2K game developed by Visual Concepts.

Will be interesting to see what is released, and whether WWE 2K22 is worth the wait.

Also of note, WWE 2K22 will NOT be on next-gen. Anyhow, watch the video to hear it directly from him as opposed to how I've summarized it here.