Friday, April 3, 2020

WrestleMania 36 Weekend: What Should Have Been

We finally have reached the point in the week that I would be leaving for the festivities if they had not been canceled.

Our plan was to head down Friday after work so that we'd be down there, then we could do the WrestleMania SuperStore, and I intended to go to WarHausen's WRESTLEVANIA as it was being run by ACTION Wrestling, and Black Label Pro.

Now the fact that we are safely at home instead is as good a situation as we could ask for now, but it's still a bit of a bummer considering what we had planned for WrestleMania Weekend, and then Spring Break week.

After Mania on Sunday we were going to kick around Tampa, FL until we finally came home Thursday. They've got a great zoo down there that we visited years and years ago, and it was all going to be a blast.

Life had other plans, and again we are good here, but it still stinks that this has turned into the "Mania trip that wasn't."