Friday, April 10, 2020

The Revival Gone From WWE

The Facebook post pretty well covers it, but I'm glad they're gone for their sake and selfishly mine. The banter surrounding them (from them and just about them in general) was EXHAUSTING.

I'm glad they are getting to move on from a company they weren't happy in, AND I think they are one of the handful of talents uniquely suited to strive in AEW.

It's going to be interested to see where they land, and when it happens.

UPDATE: We now know their new names, and have their first post-WWE shirts. Let's just say, I think they went 2/3 of these.

FKA Dash Wilder is now Cash Wheeler. This is good!

FKA Scott Dawson is now Dax HARWOOD, I had it wrong earlier as the strike-through shows. Dax Haywood. Haywood reminds me of  Clu Heywood from Major League, but I don't like Dax. Have to give this a thumbs down, but a different first name may save it. This name sucks. Do better, pal.

Here's the shirt...doesn't work for me, brother. I do like the name FTR if that's what they go with so they're 2/4 at that point.

Photo Credit: ProWrestling Tees where I got an awesome Magnum TA shirt, check them out.