Tuesday, April 7, 2020

UPDATE: New Atlanta Falcons Unis Are Here!

"Soon" is next week, and this isn't news as we've known for a while that was the date.

That said, I'm prepared to be a touch disappointed because I'm almost positive they're going to stick with black helmets. I desperately want the red helmets back, but until they change the rule about using alternate shells during the year I doubt we'll ever get that.

Fans like that throwback 90s uni way too much to not be able to do that by switching permanently to a red shell.

Anyhow, we'll see how April 14th treats us.


UPDATE: They're here, and I'm not so sure about them. The pic below is from the Atlanta Falcons Facebook page.

I HATE the transition effect on the red ones. The black and white are better, but I think they either need to drop the ATL altogether or spread it out where it's closer to the width of the number.

The helmets are SICK, I love those. I will also love it if the NFL changes that rule so they can wear red alternates from time-to-time that I mentioned above. I'm curious about the red pants, but I don't think I like them with the white jersey.

The throwback 90s version is, of course, on point. I will have to see them in action, but I don't care fo them as much as other somewhat recent uniform reveals like the Miami Dolphins (2013), and the New York Jets (2019).

Funny how time gets away from you when you think the Dolphins got new unis recently and it's *checks notes* seven years ago.