Saturday, March 21, 2020

WWE Shop Has Jokes!

I was thinking about getting some WrestleMania 36 gear anyway because a) it will be on discount and more importantly b) me and my son were going to attend. I still may, but WWE Shop just dropped these two incredible shirts in their WWE WrestleMania Merchandise collection.

Sometimes comedy is pain, and this is one of those times. While it pales in comparison to other issues in my world or the world in general right now, getting Mania 36 taken away from us (along with seeing my dream match Roman v GOLDBERG in person) is still a huge bummer.

Those shirts are as funny as can be though. Full credit there.

I realized right after I shared to my personal Facebook that I may need to explain to non-fans. WrestleMania will be airing without a crowd from the WWE Performance Center this year. The live event at Raymond James Stadium was canceled, but Mania will happen this year.