Tuesday, March 31, 2020

TWO Great Segments On Raw: EDGE and Undertaker

Last night's Raw delivered two different talking segments that absolutely ruled.

The show opened with what appears to be a a stripped-down version of Undertaker (more Biker Taker/his real personality than the Dead Man) talking about his BONEYARD Match at Mania with AJ Styles.

While the "shoot name" stuff doesn't do a ton for me this was a really solid segment. 

It also speaks to the idea that I've heard that the Dead Man should have never returned after his WrestleMania 33 match against Roman Reigns, but this version should have been how he came back to wrestling.

THEN they closed the show with this segment which EDGE absolutely knocked out of the park. The whole EDGE v Randy Orton thing has been an absolute master class in creating a personal issue in a pro-wrestling feud.

With the recent card changes (which I haven't talked about here yet because they haven't been acknowledged on TV yet) this EDGE versus Orton Last Man Standing Match is the one I'm most excited for.

Here's EDGE absolutely killing this segment.

As it relates to both of these segments, I hope we see more talking segments shot like this instead of in the ring once the crowds return.