Saturday, March 14, 2020

Two Good Promos On SmackDown Last Night

The John Cena segment that closed the show with Bray Wyatt's interruption was excellent. Cena's burial of Bray Wyatt that prompted "Fun House Bray" to appear was a great way to add heat to this feud.

Roman Reigns' sit down with Michael Cole was good too, and the silly dig at GOLDBERG being a UGA grad is a nice touch as it also adds heat to the feud by touching on the college football Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate rivalry that they are a part of.

With WrestleMania 36 hopefully being postponed (it's the right thing to do) there's no telling when or where we may see these matches, but I'm ready for both when they happen...especially Big Dog verus Big Bill for the Universal Title...GO JACKETS!