Friday, March 20, 2020

Two Debuts On AEW Dynamite

This week's empty arena AEW Dynamite had two big debuts. People are FIRED UP about both of them, but I have to say one of the two does little for me.

I will also say that I think both would be better if they were swapped.

Anyhow, let's get to the point. Brodie Lee FKA WWE's Luke Harper was revealed as the Dark Order's Exalted One.

I am a huge fan of that guy and have long thought he would be a great addition to the AEW roster. My issue is that while I think he absolutely can fit into that gimmick, I have little interest in Dark Order or having a guy I like tied up with them.

The other one was "Broken" Matt  Hardy who is going to be The Elite's fifth man against The Inner Circle in a War Games style match.  

There were absolutely points where I thought that the Broken gimmick was entertaining. Issue is I'm long past that, and thought he looked like a dope at the end of the show.

Ultimately, my biggest issue is that I think if you put Hardy's lame Broken stuff in the Dark Order, and have Brodie as the big bad 5th man equalizer for The Elite that it all works better.

What remains to be seen of course is whether we'll see some sort of interesting evolution of the Broken gimmick. If we do my tune can absolutely change. Right now though it feels like both are miscast, and I hate that for Brodie Lee.