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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Matt Sells And Donnie Janelaś St. Paddyś Day Party Has Been Canceled

We all hate it when the real world tramples on our fun, but as we are currently dealing with a literal pandemic the Town Of Tyrone has canceled its annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

Along with that Matt Sells And Donnie Janelaś St. Paddyś Day Party has also been canceled.

The CEO of ACTION Wrestling Matt Griffin shared the following...

I just received notice from the Town of Tyrone that Saturday's 3/14 St Paddy's Day Festival that ACTION Wrestling was a part of has been postponed.

Thanks for your support. I appreciate you all, and hopefully we will be back to normal soon. Take care of yourself and your families in this uneasy time.

South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com would like to echo those sentiments. This is a very serious matter, but through actions like these we hope that life returns to normal very soon.