Monday, March 23, 2020

From ACTION's CEO: The Current State Of The Promotion

"The CEO" Matt Griffin took to Twitter to briefly discuss the state of ACTION Wrestling in this very difficult time.

Any asterisks were placed there by me and will point to a note at the bottom of the post.

Here' you go...
Been actually feeling good the last several days, but disconnected from the wrestling business. We certainly don't have it as bad as many, nor is wrestling the most important thing now but it's certainly depressing since we are supposed to be in the midst of our busiest time ever.

We had to cancel two shows in the last 9 days and tonight we were going head on into WRESTLEVANIA as part of The Collective in April.* I'm not revealing any plans as far as unannounced matches or, well, anything, since hopefully we can come back to certain things.

As far as April 24th,** we are basically at a standstill with that a month away, and we'd already spent everything that could've been prepaid (curse my preparedness), but I am assuming we will be postponing/canceling the event.

I had a specific goal for this show that I think we had a very good chance at hitting.

We have our dates planned out through the end of the year, and hopefully we will be back on track, though we have far bigger concerns right now.

End of whining and venting. Stay home and quarantine so this ends sooner rather than later.

*WRESTLEVANIA and The Collective were scheduled for WrestleMania Week in Tampa, FL.

**The as of posting time still scheduled BLINDED BY THE FIGHT at Newnan HS. My speculation for a while now is that this show will have to be canceled/postponed.