Friday, February 14, 2020

South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com: Who We Are

This is for anyone who may not know exactly who or what South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com is. That's me on the left, and Norko is on the right. Any post on this site by me is shown with the author of FreebirdSTF, and his are by Norko.

Without getting too in depth here, the basic deal is that we've been friends since 3rd grade. In the early 2000s we were heavily exposed to indie wrestling by going to NWA WildSide shows. Our group (of which I was actually kind of a secondary member with Norko and one or two others being the core of the group) became known as the South Atlanta Boys.

I totally fell out of the indie wrestling fandom when NWA WildSide closed its doors and transitioned to Anarchy Wrestling (GA). We hit a few shows here and there, but the days of hardcore indie wrestling fandom were over...UNTIL AWE's Gargano/Ciampa Weekend in January 2016.

That event got me FIRED UP about independent wrestling in a major way.

The next big thing that happened for me was I saw all the fun that people were having at the Scenic City Invitational 2016 so I decided I HAD to be there for Scenic City Invitational 2017 (NXT's Matt Riddle won that year). At that point, I went from hooked to ALL IN on the indie scene as it related to those promotions at least.

You probably know the next step, but if you don't...ACTION Wrestling debuted in April 2018. By the third or fourth show (and thanks to Norko) South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com became a sponsor of ACTION, and that relationship has continued on since then. That's how we've been involved as fans, and sponsors in the indie scene.

As for the site let's back up here for a second, it came to be due to a joke in April 2011.

I think it was an argument with TH about the A1 Cup on the old A1 Wrestling Dot Com or A1-Wrestling Dot Com (now Behind The Squared Circle) during The A1 Cup. We had different opinions on how a match should go, and I teased him by saying, "Just because you have a site doesn't make you right" or something like that. I went home, started a Blogger site named "FreebirdSTF's Wrestling Thoughts" and that eventually morphed into this site.

Anyhow, the main point here before I got this out in to the weeds is that Armadillo Dave, and Norko are the two guys behind this site.

Any post made on our Facebook Page by me will always be tagged with an 'AD'. My Twitter handle is @S_ATL_Wrestling, and Norko's is @thebottomline. On Instagram I am southatlantawrestling.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion about who we are, and also maybe you'll understand why we do this.

Thank you,

Armadillo Dave