Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Shayna Baszler Viciously Bites "The Man" Becky Lynch

This easily could have been so over-the-top in a bad way that it failed miserably, but I think that it totally worked.

Shayna Baszler's aura probably helped the most. She comes off as mean and even sadistic in the ring. When I first saw her take her mouthpiece out I figured she was going to fling it at Becky Lynch on the mat as a gesture of disrespect.

What we got was much wilder than that.

Shayna coming away from the back of Becky's neck (all my restraint not to type Becky's necky because I'm a dad and that's what we do) was an insane visual.

I mentioned that Shayna's aura was part of what made it work, but the way Becky sold it was masterful as well. The screaming and the repeating herself was a nice touch to me, and it played like someone who was legitimately in pain and shocked by what just took place.

To go from a really good to great victory against Asuka (who rules) to this was a really nice 180. Good stuff, and yet another example of how Raw has been clicking for a while now.