Thursday, February 6, 2020

SAW Exclusive: Keller/Frazier v Flaco/Kanyon At ACTION's Royal v Sells

For a while now we've known that the PrimeTime Pro Wrestling duo of Breaux Keller and Isaiah Frazier would be present at ACTION Wrestling: Royal v Sells, but we had no idea what they were going to be doing.

SAW DC has just found out that not only will Keller & Frazier be accompanied by President Gator, but they will be taking on the team of Bobby Flaco and Kavron Kanyon!

This promises to be a very exciting match as the crowd in Tyrone (justifiably in my opinion) HATES the PTPW contingent.

That very same crowd tomorrow will be ALL IN on the Flaco/Kanyon team.

I'm glad we have some clarity on what Keller & Frazier will be up to tomorrow, and this is a great opportunity for the fan-favorite team of Flaco & Kanyon to take down the villains from DC.

Full Show Info from SAW DC: ACTION Wrestling: Royal v Sells

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