Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch Accepts Asuka's Challenge

While I enjoy the Asuka/Becky Lynch feud, this segment fell a little flat with me. Wasn't a big fan of the "Deal With It" sunglasses to begin with, but the part that really didn't resonate with me at all was the way Becky dispatched of Kairi Sane at the end. There's some theories floating around that we may be getting a a "Becky is overconfident" deal going, and this certainly fits that.

If that's the end game I totally get what they were going for, but it looked completely awkward. More than that it was very "try-hard cool."

For me it also kind of defied any sort of consistency that Asuka didn't attack Becky once she was distracted.

It was just an odd ending to a segment.

The match will be good, Becky is still "The Man," and Asuka is an absolutely tremendous talent, but to me this was a minor miss on a VERY good episode of Raw.